Entrepreneurship is something I have always been captivated by. Even as a young boy I was industrious, and constantly searching for ways to make money. Of course I tried the classic lemonade stand, but my neighborhood was sparsely populated so it was not so successful.  Then I began mowing the lawns of some of my neighbors  each month. This provided a much more stable income stream. Even in junior high, I was buying candy in bulk and selling it by the piece at school.

I’ve been involved in IM in some fashion for many years now, but in 2012 I really started to focus on implementing some ideas I had for a variety of websites. My current endeavors focus a lot on affiliate marketing and the creation and promotion of internet marketing products.

I have been designing websites for 15+ years and have probably developed 20-30 sites over the last few years. I also consult local businesses on their online marketing activities and help them rank online in their cities for the services they are providing. My SEO/Web Design consulting agency is Happy Robot.

This site is dedicated to all things entrepreneurship, Internet Marketing, and how you can make money online with Internet Marketing. I’ll review IM products, discuss tactics and techniques of IM, SEO strategies, trends in the make money online space, as well as chronicle my journey in IM.