Is Teespring Similar To CafePress?

So many marketers are trying to make money with T-Shirts today, and are being successful! But how do you know what platform is the best? In this post I’ll discuss two of the most popular platforms – Teespring and CafePress. But how do they compare?? Is Teespring Similar To CafePress?

Is Teespring Similar To CafePress? Let’s Find Out!

Though Teespring and CafePress have a lot in common, there are a lot of important differences in the services. Both websites are good for their own reasons, each bringing something unique to the table. They both serve their purpose to different types of sellers. Listed below are some of the areas that can be compared in both websites.

Products Available to Design

CafePress offers more than just shirts to put your design on. You can also put your designs on bags, stickers, and various other pieces of merchandise.

With Teespring, your designs can go on shirts and sweaters in a few different styles.


Both websites have fairly similar designing applications. You pick the type of shirt that you want to design, and you can customize/upload your design in just about any way that you like. Both sites offer design help from professionals at their company, as well as a large library of clip art images and fonts.


With CafePress, you are running a complete store, not just a campaign. You are responsible for the design of both the store and the products. There are not set goals that you have to meet in order for your product to be produced.

With Teespring you sell through your campaign and your goal is set.


With both CafePress and Teespring, the amount of advertisement that you do will be mostly up to you. You will need to rely heavily on social media sites to get the word out about your product, but the website does offer some help with advertisement.

However, with CafePress you are much more visible. You shop gains traffic from the website and other shops as well, as CafePress links your products into their categories. This makes it much easier to reach a wider crowd without having to put in as much work. It is still important that you use social media and other means to get the word out.

Making Money and Cost to You

Both websites offer no hidden upfront costs and fees, but how they make their profit is very different.

With Teespring, their profits are taken directly from the costs in making the t-shirts. They let you know upfront just how much they are going to be taking from you and how much profit you are going to be making from each and every t-shirt.

CafePress has a couple of different ways in which they make their money from you. The first is a 10% take from your monthly profits each and every month. This is taken off of the check that they send to you. You can keep tabs on just how much they are taking, but it is never more than 10%. The other way in which they make money from you is a subscription fee. Instead of paying out 10% monthly, you can pay a flat rate for a monthly pre-paid fee. These fees are set amounts, so you know exactly what you are paying for your shop.

Soooo Is Teespring Similar To CafePress?

In conclusion, you can see that these two platforms have a lot in common, as well as some pretty noticeable differences. Which one you use really depends on your marketing goals, your budget, your desired products, and the audience you are marketing to. I think there is a lot of potential with both, and you should give both a shot. Another platform I like in addition to Teespring and Cafepress is SunFrog Shirts, so stay tuned for my SunFrog Shirts Review.

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